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Southeastern Michigan's personal and affordable Mac technical support, training, and pre-purchase consulting

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AppleWisdom Imaging and Deployments
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AppleWisdom Network Services

Comprehensive Mac Integrated Solutions

AppleWisdom is a Managed Service Provider specializing in all Apple hardware and services, specifically Mac OS X Workstations, Servers, iOS devices, Apple TV and Airport.

We also focus on designing and building cloud-based infrastructures to help our clients leverage the cost of maintaining complex software and hardware components.

Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management

Configure, deploy, and manage mobile devices with Apple solutions or preferred MDM partners.

AppleWisdom WiFi Configurations

Secure WiFi Architecture

Compliant and scalable enterprise wireless networks with centralized management, optimization, and monitoring.

AppleWisdom Enterprise Backup Solutions

Encrypted Enterprise Backup

Secure and reliable enterprise backup and disaster recovery solutions.

Managed Service Provider

Managed Service Provider

Cloud-based solutions that are centrally managed and integrated into your existing network.

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