Dear Al

You are receiving an exclusive invitation to contribute to the flawless release of the next versions of OS X Server and Apple Configurator. As an Apple Consultants Network member who has invested significantly in your Apple product expertise, you are in the unique position to contribute to our next release. The OS engineering team is planning the pre-launch “Bug Hunt” in early November and would like a few members of the ACN to participate.

What is required?

If the opportunity to work closely with the Engineering team and Apple SEs during the critical pre-release phase of the project sounds exciting, you will need to travel to Cupertino for 1 week at your expense. You will work on campus with equipment supplied by Apple.

How will you benefit from this experience?

You will gain new perspective on our development process, conferring with the engineers who actually build the product. You will have the satisfaction of knowing that you were part of an important product launch. And, you might have the opportunity to get some help and advice on technical issues that you’ve not been able to resolve.


Cupertino Bug Hunt

Great experience in Cupertino at Apple. A big thank you to all the Apple staff and member ACNs for a successful and memorable bug hunt.