Microsoft Re-launches its Edge Browser

Once upon a time Microsoft used to dominate the browser space, but lost its edge (no pun) when upstarts like Firefox and Chrome became the mainstream browsers. Microsoft’s response was to retire Internet Explorer and move to Edge with the release of Windows 10. However, Edge didn’t return Microsoft to its glory days. Now, the company released its new version of Edge based on Chromium and it looks like a true contender. 👍


The main three main focuses for Edge are:


  1. Data security and privacy protection
  2. Comprehensive search solutions- Bridging intranet and internet to access more of your important data in a single browse
  3. Collect, organize, share and export content directly into Microsoft Office applications

Microsoft has this to say:
“At Microsoft, we believe it is time to expect more from your web experience whether you are using it for personal or business use, an IT manager in a company, or a web developer. Today we begin with a focus on people in businesses and introduce the new Microsoft Edge and Microsoft Bing – the browser and search engine for business.

 We see a unique opportunity to bridge the tradeoffs of today’s web search with more complete solutions that Microsoft can uniquely address. We will unite the internet with your intranet with Microsoft Search in Bing so that you can increasingly access more of your important data in a single browse and search experience. We will provide you powerful default privacy protection, while still allowing you to benefit from web personalization. And we will enable you to move from great web research directly into Microsoft Office applications to enable you to be more productive”.

Too early to tell if Edge will bring Microsoft back to the browser market, ultimately, its success will depend on whether it’s fully embraced by web developers and competitors like Google.