What’s the inspiration behind AppleWisdom?

To dismantle the structural complexity of computing in business and empower clients with Apple technologies and cloud computing. Businesses can then focus on productivity using technology instead of trying to figure out technology.

How would you describe your client philosophy?

I strive to empower and educate my clients so they manage their systems on an-everyday-basis and not to rely on IT for it.


I like to use the analogy of providing my clients with a well oiled machine-that when maintained- runs on its own. However, computing can be a very dynamic environment, so when issues or concerns arise I’m there to help. As I solve an issue, I also educate my clients giving them the means and tools should that issue happen again. This has proven successful in keeping my clients’ businesses running with virtually no down time or loss of productivity….. Everyone wins.

Why Service Contracts?

Every business has unique organizational needs from a technical perspective. A service contract addresses those needs and is tailored to provide the level of support they require.
I tell my clients–under service contracts- that “my goal is that they never call me”, of course that’s in jest, my goal is to empower them with technology to run their businesses effectively without my need.
For this to occur successfully their entire technological infrastructure needs to be in place and provisioned properly. Hardware, software and network assets need to be sound; that’s where I come in on the back end.

How do you get started making that happen?

My initial consultation is a site assessment to determine what each client will need. I then customize their solutions based on those needs. From wiring and access points, to the selection of hardware, software and security protocols- we map it all out and develop an on boarding plan that fits the budget and scope for each client project.


My approach to working with businesses is to provide them with the tools, training and education they need to be more productive running their business and not figuring out technology but using technology—it doesn’t have to be complicated. It all boils down to empowering them. I’m always in the background monitoring, maintaining, and managing issues that in the front end deliver a great experience!